Specific Range references

The list below may help when making references:

Range(“A1”) - Cell A1
Range(“A1:E10”) - Range A1 to E10
[A1] - Cell A1
[A1:E10] - Range A1 to E10
ActiveCell.Range(“A2”) - The cell below the active cell
Cell(1) - Cell A1
Range(Cells(1,1),Cell(10,5)) - Range A1 to E10
Range(“A:A”) - Column A
[A:A] - Column A
Range(“5:5”) - Row 5
[5:5] - Row 5
Sheets(“Sheet1”) - Sheet called Sheet1
Worksheets(“Sheet1”) - Worksheets called Sheet1
Sheets(2) - Second worksheet in workbook
Worksheets(3) - Third worksheet in workbook
Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Range(“A1”) - Cell A1 in Sheet1
[Sheet1].[A1] - Cell A1 in Sheet1
ActiveSheet.Next - The sheet after the active sheet
Workbook(“Test”) - Workbook file called Test.xls

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