Mobile is the way forward

Most would definitely agree that mobile is taking over. Think about how often you use your mobile phone versus your desktop device? If you work in an office, obviously you use your desktop a lot but outside of work you’d probably rarely be on it.

Mobile is a huge part of Code Flavour. We’ll be looking into mobile development and how easy it is for you to get into the mobile market.

Let’s use Facebook as an example of mobile use. If you need to check Facebook, do you run home to your PC to check a notification? No, you don’t. Most of us have Facebook set up on our mobile devices so we can see and retrieve instant notification. It keeps us connected on the go, even with their separate mobile messaging platform. Facebook has totally evolved with the introduction of it’s mobile suite and it keeps customers connected with ease.

Most companies have followed suit. There’s an app for almost everything you need to do, even shopping.

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