Code Flavour is back!

We’re pleased to announce the relaunch of Code Flavour.

This time around we’re a new site which focuses on coding, development and technology. Our aim is to create conversation around code so that you can help each other and develop some great outputs. We’ll also be publishing tutorials and examples to get you started.

Code Flavour isn’t just for advanced coders, it’s also for beginners. If you’re completely brand new to coding then that’s absolutely fine. We’re here to be your starting point by delivering the resources you need to get going.

Our new website has been designed with an approach that focuses on content. Content is the reason people visit websites and we’re no different. We only have one advertising slot displayed throughout our site and this is just to help us with running costs. All aspects of Code Flavour are free and always will be.

If you have any feedback on our website then please let us know. Our comment system is flexible allowing you to comment with social accounts.

This is just the start of our new adventure. Please share our website and posts to help get our name out there. We’d appreciate as many visitors as possible as we’re just getting started.

Thanks for reading.

Code Flavour

Code Flavour is a news site with a focus on coding. Our aim is deliver news over a range of categories which will be insightful and beneficial to readers that are interesting in code development.

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