Advertising for you

We’ve got a neat incentive for you.

So we’ve told you that we like innovation and new projects. We’d like to offer you an advertising opportunity and here’s how it will work:


If you have designed a website or project that you’ve finished and are releasing to the public, we will help you out with an advertisement slot on our website.

All you need to do is contact us with details of your project. Our team will review it and decide if it’s being accepted (it usually will as long as it meets guidelines). Once accepted, our team will design you an advert (you’ll get one of the huge blocks on our homepage) and advertise it for you at Code Flavour.

Pretty good deal, huh?

Go on, drop us a message and we’ll do the rest. We look forward to seeing what projects you have.

Code Flavour is a news site with a focus on coding. Our aim is deliver news over a range of categories which will be insightful and beneficial to readers that are interesting in code development.

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