Design is important

So you’ve finished your project. The coding has been completed and you’re ready to package it up for distribution. Only problem is, you don’t have any design around it!

Our design section has been created to help you resolve these issues. We’ll source free (and some paid) sources in which you can get graphics, advertisements and more for your product/service.

There are so many sources available on the web – we use some of them ourselves. We want to take the hassle out of you look around and provide you with the answers right here.

We’ve been in the web business for some time – even though this website is brand new, we have others available on the web.

So look no further, we will find out places that can get you started on designing your product/service. We do love a freebie so most of this content will be free.

Code Flavour is a news site with a focus on coding. Our aim is deliver news over a range of categories which will be insightful and beneficial to readers that are interesting in code development.

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